Favorite photos of Eddie Golf

3 01 2015

Eddie took to golf like a “duck in water”. Dorine outfitted him with knickers when he was 9, , , he loved being a bit stylish whether it was these clothes or his Masters caps and hats.

edgolfer1985 at Northwood CC

Eddie Sisco with Dad
Notice the persimmon woods



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16 08 2018
Rustin Necessary

Hi Mike. I was feeling nostalgic this evening and came across a photo of Eddie in an old Chattahoochee high school yearbook. I played on the golf team with him when he was a freshman. Just wanted you to know that the thing I remember most about Eddie was his iron game. Solid like a rock. Anything 175 and in (this was high school) and the freshman was money. He kept us on our toes, especially with his short game too. He would always giggle when he’d pull some crazy shot out of his ass to put it a few feet from the pin (and never failed to sink anything under 5 ft). But what I remember most is that laugh. A good one. Pure. Anyways, we all used to love walking the ‘Bend back in the early 90’s. I can close my eyes and walk that entire course right now. I remember walking with Eddie a number of times. Nicest guy on the team. I hope life finds you and your family well.

17 08 2018

Thanks Rustin,
Eddie is doing well; he is 41 now and lives with us. He has had an amazing recovery although he has significant short term memory loss and has poor mobility from his accident. His long term memory is intact though so I’ll read your message to him and I’m sure he will remember you. I appreciate the positive thoughts you have about his golf; I have many great memories of walking Horseshoe Bend with him as well. Take care and hope you are doing well.

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