Time for a career change

15 12 2013

career-3It was September 1, 2000, , , my 51st birthday and a day that changed my life forever.

I walked into my CEO’s office and told him that I planned to leave the company and wanted to transition in a way that would create a win-win for both of us.

We agreed to a 6-month contract that would help us both make the transition a positive one. This contract would get extended twice and run 13 months before we finally parted ways.

I had been considering the idea of creating a company and working for myself for some time. This isn’t something you do haphazardly and without considerable thought, , , or at least I don’t.

So, , , on September 1, 2000, , , MDE Enterprises was born, , , sort of.

I still wasn’t sure what MDE would do, , , i.e., what products or services we would sell. Initially, the company was a consulting company because most of the revenue came from the contract with my former company our first year.

What I did know in the early days of the company was that I did not want to be a traditional consulting company. I didn’t want to have to “work an hour to be paid an hour”, , , plus the travel and the seemingly constant need to be in marketing mode to insure you have contracts lined up was unappealing.

I’ve never looked back even though there have been times when the going was difficult and at least once when I thought I might have to go work for another company again.

In future posts I’ll chronicle some of the key events that have allowed us to run a successful small company for 13 years that “helps IT managers of the world achieve more success”.

The last 13 years have been an amazing ride full of interesting coincidences, travel, and being able to do things that helps many around the world achieve more success.



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