My “best girl”

29 08 2016

Dorine has been my best friend for so many years and we are coming up on our 46th wedding anniversary soon. She was and always will be one beautiful girl. Here are a few of my favorite Dorine photos.

dorine_TPC_1990_6Wuff, , , wuff

dorine“All I want is some coffee!”

dorine1Aw shucks

dorine2A very patriotic girl

The photos above were taken in 1990 on vacation trip to Jacksonville, FL where Eddie and I played the two TPC courses.

Favorite photos of Eddie Golf

3 01 2015

Eddie took to golf like a “duck in water”. Dorine outfitted him with knickers when he was 9, , , he loved being a bit stylish whether it was these clothes or his Masters caps and hats.

edgolfer1985 at Northwood CC

Eddie Sisco with Dad
Notice the persimmon woods

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